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Stage Hire Perth

Perth's Small Stage Hire Specialist

Here at Hire King we have the perfect solution to your portable stage hire needs. All our stages are 40cm high, are totally mobile and can be setup in a variety of configurations. Suitable for a variety of events, our stages can be used for presentations, bride and groom seating, podiums etc. 

The configurations available are

2.4m x 1.2m 

2.4m x 2.4m

3.6m x 1.2m

3.6m  x 2.4m 

All stage hire includes

  • Black skirting on ALL sides
  • Setup and packdown (delivery fees in Perth are extra depending on location and timings)
  • Steps (20cm high)


Q:Can I pickup the stages from your store?

As the stages need to be connected and setup properly they must be setup by our trained staff. We offer competitive delivery and pickup pricing all around the Perth Metro area.

Q:What surface can the stages be setup on?

Our stages are portable however they must be setup on a flat, level hard surface. Are stages are not suitable to be setup on grass or other soft surfaces.

  1. stage hire perth

    2.4m x 2.4m Stage Hire

    Our most popular configuration for small stage hire, this is a 2.4m x 2.4m stage with a height of 40cm. Perfect for podiums and presentations. 

    The hire of the stage includes stage pieces, black skirting, 2 sets of steps (20cm high). 

    Setup is included in the price however delivery charges in Perth metro area will be extra depending on location and timings. 

    Hire Charge:
    $250.00 / hire

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Questions? No problems we'll be in touch (usually within a few hours). Can't wait? Give us a call on 6180 3899 during business hours

A standard hire for the weekend is from Friday to Monday. You may choose to pickup (or have delivered) your equipment on Saturday if you wish. Our standard hire period for weekdays is for one night however we can usually accommodate pickup the day before your event and return the day after if required. 

Platforms for Success...

From theatrical plays to music concerts, from corporate events to political conventions, stages have been, and continue to be, significant contributors to the fame and success of musicians, dance troupes, singers, fashion models, social activists, politicians, and many other personalities and celebrities.

As a city of international standing and repute, Perth plays host to a variety of local and international events, and as a result, the demand for stage hire as well as stage equipment hire has grown tremendously. Therefore, it comes as no surprise why a number of reputable, Perth stage hire and stage equipment hire companies have been established … Hire King being one good example. Of course, there’s another BIG reason why stage hire, and even stage equipment hire services are so much in demand. This is because they can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase, depending on complexity of concept, size, materials, lighting, allied equipment, and logistics. Therefore, it makes sound investment-saving, sense to opt for stage hire services whenever the need arises.

Factors to consider in stage hire
Stages can range in size, shape, height, material and detail depending on what event or on-stage performance they are intended for. Apart from this, the type of stage will also depend on the concept or theme of the event. For example, if you need to hire a stage for a fashion show, you may, require an additional section to be fitted to the stage to acts as a catwalk, if necessary. Fortunately, Hire King, like other Perth stage hire and stage equipment hire companies, offer various types of stages, ranging from elevated, standard platforms to more elaborate ones that can be designed or altered to suit your particular theme and requirements. In addition to stages, stage hire companies also offer stage equipment hire options including PA systems, Audio systems, and other relevant on-stage entertainment machines and systems.

Shape – Stages can range in shape from simple, square or rectangular-shaped platforms, to unique, circular-shaped ones, some of which can be designed to revolve. However, the latter will be more expensive to hire because of the rotating mechanism and installation involved. Rectangular-shaped stages continue to be the most popular options in demand by show organizers, particularly, event management companies

Size – These are important factors to consider. For example, if you need a stage for an outdoor event, such as a music concert, the stage hire option you choose will be required to be of adequate size, both to accommodate all on-stage performers, and the other stage equipment hire options used.

Height – (stage elevation) is also important, as some outdoor events or concerts are held on flat ground, making it difficult for viewers seated in the back rows to see the artistes, or other acts performed on stage. Keep this factor in mind before you avail of stage hire offers.

Lighting – One of the most important factors for successful stage shows. No range of stage equipment hire options will be complete without stage lighting. Hire King, as well as other top, stage hire companies, offer several options in eye-soothing and attractive plain and multi-colored stage lighting, including stage floor lights, pedestal-mounted lights, suspended overhead lights, and more. You can choose a set of lighting combinations that go with the theme or concept of your show, and if you so desire, you can also hire laser lights, strobe lights, and even hazers, fog machines and smoke machines to add value to the lighting you’ve chosen.

Hiring the right type of stage hire systems and appropriate stage equipment hire products are keys to the success of any event or show you plan. And if you wish to cut costs and add to your profitability, get in touch with Hire King.