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Helium Tank Hire in Perth

We are currently not hiring out helium tanks but have disposable helium tanks available which cost about the same but do not need to be returned and can be stored for future use if you don't use all the helium. 

Here at Hire King we now have a full range of balloon and helium solutions. Also please see our filled helium balloons page if you wish for us to fill the balloons and arrange bouquets. 

1. Disposable Helium Tanks (Available NOW)
We now also have disposable helium tanks available for sale. We have 30 balloon and 50 balloon (9" balloons) tanks available. The balloon tanks come with balloons and ribbons. An easy to use package that is convenient and economical.

30 balloon tank with ribbon only= $50
50 balloon tank with ribbon only = $75

30 balloon tank with balloons and ribbon= $55
50 balloon tank with baloons and ribbon= $80

For ordering please visit our party supplies website


2. Helium Tank Hire
We are currently not hiring out helium tanks. 

A standard hire for the weekend is from Friday to Monday. You may choose to pickup (or have delivered) your equipment on Saturday if you wish. Our standard hire period for weekdays is for one night however we can usually accommodate pickup the day before your event and return the day after if required.