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WE ARE MERGING: From Tuesday 5th March we will be merging our Balcatta and Canning Vale stores and will no longer be operating from Balcatta. By merging our 2 stores we will be able to provide you with a larger inventory range as well as cheaper and more convenient delivery options. Please contact us about our special discounted delivery promotion.

Easter Hours: We will be closed from Friday to Monday (19th - 21st April) for Easter. We will reopen at 9am on Tue, 22nd April. 


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Snow Machine Hire Perth

Hire our brand new top of the range snow machine for a real snow effect. It looks like snow but is actually just foam and disperses very quickly.

The fluid consumption rate for this machine is 4.5 mins per litre on maximum output. The volume of output can be controlled with the attached remote.

Additional snow fluid can be purchased for $60 per 5L bottle of fluid.

You may also be interested in our Bubble Machines ($45/night) and Smoke Machines ($45/night)

Safety Notice: Please note that the snow machine generally should not be used indoors or on surfaces that can get slippery. As the snow machine produces a foam it can make surfaces slippery and may stain clothes.

  1. snow machine hire perth

    Snow Machine

    Hire our brand new top of the range snow machine for a real snow effect. It looks like snow but is actually just foam and disperses very quickly.

    Includes 5L Fluid

    Hire Charge:
    $125.00 / hire

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A standard hire for the weekend is from Friday to Monday. You may choose to pickup (or have delivered) your equipment on Saturday if you wish. Our standard hire period for weekdays is for one night however we can usually accommodate pickup the day before your event and return the day after if required. 

General Snow Machine Hire Article Below - May not directly be related to the machines we hire out.

Hire a Snow Machine … Enjoy Snow Parties All Year Round

Believe it or not, NOW you can hire a snow machine, organize mind-blowing snow parties or other snow-related fun activities, and have your mates dance and play in the fake snow all night long … all-year round! We, ‘Hire King’, are a snow machine hire Perth company with top-of-the-line, snow machines that you can hire for parties and other fun events in your home, club or resort. But first, if you wish to know what a snow machine is and how it works, here’s some basic information to enlighten you.

What is a snow machine?
A snow machine is a compact-sized, contraption that is designed to deliver a certain volume of artificially-produced snow like substance under high pressure. The actual output is a foamy substance that looks like snow. It can be used to deliver the snow either into an enclosed indoor area, or over a larger area outdoors. The volume of artificial snow that a snow machine can deliver usually depends on the output power of its in-built motor, as well as the water storage capacity of the tank it is equipped with.

We have snow machines on hire that can deliver low, medium or high-volume snow output, depending on what specific (indoor or outdoor) activity you plan to use them for. Talk to our team of snow machine hire Perth specialists, they’ll recommend just the kind of snow machine to make your next party a glittering, action-packed and fun-filled event to remember.

How does a snow machine work?
In essence, a basic snow machine system dilutes a special snow fluid and uses a blower to push it out and give the snow effect. For technical advice on these aspects, the ‘Hire King’ customer service team will be more than happy to help you.
Creating a realistic, snowy ambience for your next party or outdoor event with a snow machine can be a cool, exhilarating and unforgettable experience for your mates. String up a few colourful disco lights around the snow and you’ll create a magical, mood-setting ambience like never before. For your next party, hire this snowmaking marvel from us … and watch those mates have the time of their lives.