1. Set the theme.

Several party themes can be used for your 1920s event, such as a black and gold themed bash or a murder mystery party. Once you’ve chosen your theme, use it to guide you through the rest of your party planning.

2. Choose the songs for your 1920s playlist.

Set the mood for your Roaring ‘20s party by creating a music playlist of classic ‘20s songs. Since the 1920s are all about partying and dancing the night away, music should be one of the top priorities for your party. Hook up an MP3 player or iPod to speakers after downloading popular songs from the ‘20s to make your Roaring ‘20s party a blast. Also, be sure to get a dance floor for your party.

3. Get your decorations in order.

Decorations for a Roaring ’20s party should be fun, flashy, elegant, and rich. For instance, gold tableware is a must-have for ‘20s-themed celebrations that represents the ‘rich’ side of the Roaring ‘20s. Another color scheme for your decorations can be silver, and silver tableware and decorations would make your party shine. Another decoration idea is to have a cocktail bar to serve sophisticated drinks before the party starts.

4. Light up your party venue the right way.

When you’re planning a Roaring ‘20s party, lighting is everything. If you want to have a mysterious, underground speakeasy party, keep the lights dim. A fog machine would also be a great addition to a speakeasy party and give a more mysterious effect. If you want to have a big, fancy celebration, lights should be bright yet soft and romantic; there shouldn’t be a dark corner anywhere in your venue!

5. Plan the entertainment.

Back in the 1920s, parties were extravagant and entertaining, so, for your party, you want to have engaging activities for your guests. One way to do that is to have a murder mystery party set back in the 1920s. Another way is to have a poker game going or a casino night for your 1920s bash. Make sure that your guests feel like they’re in the 1920s with the entertainment you provide. Also, for a modern twist, you can set up a photo booth for party guests to take pictures in and go all out with their 1920s attire.

Not only were the 1920s an era to celebrate even today, but it’s also an era that deserves to be recognized for its luxurious traits. Be sure to make your 1920s party a night to remember!