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Sponsorship Application Form

Hire King is a business that supports the local community and we are happy to help where we can. We can sponsor non-profit organisations, charities and other good causes. We can provide sponsorship in many ways, in the past we have

  • Provided Hire equipment at discounted rates
  • Sponsored Raffles & Auctions with Hire King & Party Source gift vouchers

Due to the nature of our business we receive a large number of sponsorship requests and are only able to select the few causes which we feel very strongly align with our business and our staff.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship please email with the following details:

Date, location and venue details:
Your organisation name:
Your name:
Your contact details:
Number of people expected at event:
What support would you like from Hire King? 

If you are raising funds for a cause please answer the following:
Who is the ultimate beneficiary of the funds (must be a registered not for profit entity)?
How much do you expect to raise? 
If you have run this event in the past how much did past events raise? 

Please attach any supporting documentation including authority to fundraise if applicable. 

    • Non-Profit Organisation
    • Charity
    • Sporting Club
  • Upload any files related to your organisation or the event. For example flyers, brochures etc.