Even though the countdown to your wedding party may be some time away, chances are, you’ll be extremely excited, apprehensive, nervous, and, above all, hopeful that your Big Day will be the smashing success you so desperately want it to be. Look on the bright side, lovebirds … it can, and will. So, before you tie yourselves in knots; simply include the following steps in your wedding plan before you tie the knot.

 Plan now:

Whether you’re planning a big, extravagant wedding reception, or an intimate, informal affair confined to close relatives and mates, remember, this is no ordinary party or occasion. It’s a once in a lifetime event that calls for meticulous planning and lots of time, money and effort. You’ve got just one opportunity to get it right, so plan early. Plan now!  

 Budget carefully:

It goes without saying; a wedding is a particularly expensive exercise. In fact, the cost for even a mediocre wedding reception can be exorbitant, often hitting thousands of dollars. Generally, things which consume a significant part of a wedding budget are location, number of guests, food and beverages, decorations, bridal trousseau including jewelry, and sound/lighting hire. However, there are several ways to put the brakes on your budget. For example, if a popular location is too pricey for your pocket, consider holding your party in a famous restaurant. The latter offers more convenience and savings, and the food will be great, too. Save some more by limiting the guest list to close mates and relatives only. And if you and your fiancé have no qualms about hiring a bridal gown, jewelry and tuxedo, go ahead, this is yet another smart way to save.            

 Fix the date and venue:  

Select an appropriate reception date and venue several months in advance of your wedding. This should be job # 1, given that most popular or exclusive reception venues are reserved months, if not a year in advance and may or may not be available for your special day. However, do ensure that the indoor or outdoor venue you select offers generous space for guest seating and mingling, as well as for dancing, entertainment and unhindered catering service. While early planning will give you sufficient time to organize everything, from the invitations to wedding decorations, guests will also have time to RSVP, organize gifts, etc.

 Say it with a theme:

Like most modern-day couples, you too will want to express your individuality and style by either conforming to tradition with white as the predominant colour; choosing a wedding theme based on a favourite pastel shade, (e.g., pink, blue, green, mauve, off-white ..); something more vibrant and unconventional, like bright red, yellow, orange, etc.; or a combination of two that match. The theme colour/s you decide on can then extend to other elements of the wedding decorations, such as centerpieces, fresh/paper flowers, table and chair covers, serviettes, streamers, ribbons, and even the invitations. Soft theme colours and lighting are easy on the eye and blend well together. They create a romantic ambience, something best suited for any wedding function.         

 Organize the menu and music

If you have a good idea of who you’ll be inviting, organizing the menu, music and entertainment will be easy. To make things easy, seek the help of a professional wedding planner, hire a private caterer, or choose a venue which offers food, drink and live entertainment as part of the wedding package. If you prefer a DJ or recorded music, a selection of popular music (oldies for the elderly, the latest hits for the young ones) will keep everyone happy and engaged.

Don’t forget the accessories:

Remembering the big things is easy. However, it’s quite possible to overlook other important wedding party accessories which can add immense value and style to the decorations for any wedding. So, take a second look at your shopping list and check if you’ve included these items – white bell cascade centerpiece; wedding bell napkins and paper coasters; bride and groom centerpiece; table covers; hanging decorations and streamers, confetti and, of course, a wedding guest book.

 Finally, to benefit from discounted prices, order your wedding decorations in bulk.

And on this money-saving note, wish you a blissful and eternal marital journey.