Planning to party like rock stars?! No one seems to have as much fun as they do! Here are some ideas (some child friendly ideas, too!) for a crowd pleasing event: 

The Decorations:
Rock stars don't need a fancy place to party in. Keep the lights dim and flashy, a dance space open and lots of seating available. Maybe even a stage and a smoke machine for a grand entrance!

For kids: The cheesier the better. You can get guitar shaped balloons and star cutouts (see activities below).

If you really want to party like a rock star don't underestimate the impact of live music. The right local band can really set the party mood. Can't make that work? That's okay! An awesome sound system will do nicely.

For kids: It doesn't need to be outrageous, as far as sound systems go. Just keep the music upbeat!

Dress Code
Two words make the perfect combination: Leather and lace.
Guys, your T-shirt and jeans (ripped or not) could totally work. Throw on some sunglasses and a leather jacket and you are set! Guy-liner is nothing new to rock stars, so don't be afraid to dabble. And ladies, as usual, there are way too many options; Jeans, leggings, dresses, hot pants, combat boots, stilettos, fishnets, shorts, etc. Wear whatever you like! Even a cute lace dress can be punked out with a leather jacket.

For kids: Colored hair extensions, wrist cuffs and slatted glasses are a good start. 


Pizza is always a safe bet. What kind of rock star has time to eat a gourmet meal, anyway?

For kids: Kids are pretty easy when it comes to snacks. And it can be lots of fun getting creative with them:

  • pretzel sticks (drum sticks)

  • jumbo marshmallows (drums)

  • cookies (guitars)

  • rice krispie or puffed wheat treats in the shape of a ball placed in an ice cream cone (microphones)



Karaoke is fun for everyone! With a laptop and a PA system, you'll be well on your way. 

For kids: Give each child a star to write their name on. Paint their hands in their favorite color to put their hand prints on the stars. 
Rockband or Guitar Hero can keep kids entertained for hours!

And last but not least: 

The most important step to partying like a rock star (for kids and adults alike) is the mind set of the party goers. Exude confidence and positive vibes as best you can through out the event. It is contagious and everyone should pick up on it, keeping the energy up!