Getting too excited for Christmas? Christmas In July is the perfect way to celebrate a traditional holiday during the winter season! If you’re thinking about having a Christmas In July party, check out these neat ideas to create a fantastic event:

1. Snow Machine
Even though it’s winter in July,  it’s impossible to get that Christmas-y atmosphere without the snow. But with a snow machine, you can create the snowy outdoor event and put the Christmas in ‘Christmas In July!’ You can even use our party hire service in Perth to rent a snow machine for the day, which is much more affordable and convenient than buying your own snow machine.

2. Colorful Table Covers
To make your Christmas In July event pop with Christmas festivity, having table covers is a good way to decorate your event. If you’re having a barbeque for your Christmas In July event, a gingham table cover is a great way to serve your guests BBQ cuisine. Make sure to get colors that associate with the Christmas theme, such as red, white and green.

3. Red Polka Dot Party Supplies
Red and white are perfect colors to add to your Christmas in July party. To make it extra quirky, add red polka dot party supplies and accessories! You can red polka dot party tableware in Perth for your Christmas In July party.

4. Sparklers
Make your Christmas In July party a true blast with sparklers! Sparklers create that firework effect, and it’s a great addition for a July month party. You can end the party with sparklers or have a Christmas In July birthday party theme and add the sparklers to the birthday cake.

5. Christmas in July Menu
The most popular type of Christmas in July cuisine is barbeque, so you can serve all types of BBQ food. A BBQ is a go-to party food event, and it’s perfect to keep everyone toasty and warm during the cold season. You can also have traditional Christmas food or other winter season food, such as soup, oven-roasted turkey and other warm dishes, to celebrate Christmas in July. Another way to spice up Christmas in July cuisine is to create lighter dishes. For instance, instead of a heavy Christmas dessert like cake or pie, go with cups of colorful, sweet gelatin with fruits in it and whipped cream on top for a snowy appearance.
From party supplies to party food, this guide has provided you with ideas to get your Christmas In July bash started. It’s never too early to get you and your party guests in the Christmas spirit, so celebrate Christmas early this year with a Christmas In July party!