It's not just girls anymore -- kids also just wanna have fun! Every child deserves a fun birthday party dedicated to them. Whether you're having a carnival theme or a fairy theme birthday party for your little one, you can still make it extra fun with these tips.

1. Pre-party tip: Put balloons, streamers and confetti in your child's room while they are sleeping.
Surprise your kid in the morning by adding fun party decorations to their room before they wake up. How big of a smile do you think they'd have when they find that their room has been decorated with party elements just because it's their birthday?

2. If you are going to another venue for your child's birthday party, decorate your car with window paint and display to everyone that it's your child's birthday!
You can make sure your child feels like the king/queen of the world on their special day by announcing to everyone that it's their birthday. Use window paint to write something like "Happy Birthday To Little Michael!" on the windows or get custom-made vinyl decals. This is a great way to get your vehicle in the birthday mood as well while you go to the party venue.

3. Let your child create their own birthday invitations for their friends.
Let your kid be a part of the party planning by allowing them to create their own birthday party invitations to give out to their friends. You can use stencils to help them draw or write clearer images and words to make the invitations neat.

4. Add a bubble machine.
What kid doesn't love playing with bubbles?! Make your child's birthday party extra fun by adding a bubble machine. Bubble machines automatically blow out bubbles and creates a fun, whimsical atmosphere for the party. A bubble machine would work well with a carnival or fantasy themed birthday party.

5. Make homemade play dough.
An entertaining activity that you can include in your child's birthday party is making homemade play dough! Play dough is like a clay made for children, and it's a very popular item. You can make homemade play dough with ingredients found in your home and have all the kids at the birthday party make their own play dough. They can also take the play dough they made home with them as a party favor.

Take these tips, and make your child's birthday a blast! Not only will you make the party more fun for your child and the party guests, but you'll also make your child feel extra special.