Although every party has its own theme and design, every party starts with the basics. If you have more parties in a year than you have fingers, make sure to add these five essential party decorations and accessories in your emergency party supply kit!

1. Tablecloths
Tablecloths are essential because they can immediately give the tables at your party a clean appearance. They can also help give your party a unified atmosphere if you use the same colored tablecloths for each table. Whether you have a cookout or an outdoor birthday party, having tablecloths on hand can save you a lot of time with decorating and cleaning.

2. Hanging Decorations
If you're having a party inside a home or in any indoor venue, hanging decorations can instantly party-fy the area. Not only are hanging decorations fine and eye-catching, but they are also great for filling up space, such as entryways and doorways.

3. Balloons
Balloons are fun, colorful and timeless; if you're having a kid's party, you can even give balloons away as a take-home gift and memo of the party. Balloons come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so you can choose balloons that you can use over and over again no matter what type of event you host. Make sure you have balloons on hand so that you can inflate them a few hours before any party for a quick decoration.

4. Plates
Food is one of the main elements of any party – it's a way to keep your guest entertain and satisfied while they are at your event! Make sure that you have plates in your emergency party supply kit so that you don't have to make a run to the store for a last-minute shopping spree. You should choose plastic plates since they are more sturdier than paper plates, and choose a color that can fit any theme, such as white or black. Cups and bowls can also be part of your emergency party supply kit!

5. Candles
When you have a cake without candles, it can be a very disappointing moment, especially for the birthday boy/girl. Keep birthday candles on hand so that you can whip them out whenever you have a cake present at an event. There are candles that come in packs of 24 or more, which is great because you see the extras for other occasions.


Having an emergency party supply can will help you in many ways, especially in the finance and time department. Be sure to add these five essential party supplies in your kit!